45th Oedo-kakki Parade -Nihonbashi・Kyobashi Festival-
ROUTE: Chuo-Dori (Kyobashi 3 chome to Nihombashi Muromachi 3 chome)
*canceled only in case of heavy rain
Nihombashi was the starting point of Tokaido of the Edo period connecting Edo (modern-day Tokyo) to all other parts of Japan as well as the ending point of the Five Routes.Locally based cultures and traditions of other parts of Japan were coming to Edo and integrated with the cultures and traditions of Edo and Edo became the center of economy and cultures in Japan. Now, Edo has still been evolving to an international city that delivers Japanese cultures to the world. "Edo's smart and stylish lifestyle to the world!" With the above message, we have the annual festival of Edo's smart and stylish lifestyle.

45th Oedo-kakki Parade
The time schedule.

Time:11:00 -
Opening Ceremony

Ribbon cutting ceremony by Miss chuo-ku and the headman of Chuo ward

Oedo-Kakki Parade
- 14:30

The outstanding point of the festival is the festival parade of 2,000 people marching. Starting with an opening parade by local public service organizations, there are parades with each region's locally based dances. The main street of Nihombashi is surrounded by cheerfulness and festivity.

Part1 Opening Paradestarts at Chuo-dori (Kyobashi 2 chome)
Time: 11:20 -

This part will be performed by local public service organizations.

Part2 Countries-Traffic Paradestarts at Chuo-dori (Kyobashi 2chome)
Time: 11:45 -

This part offers a brilliant dance performance based on a traditional festival and dance style all over Japan.

- 14:30
Shokoku-ourai Spot Dance Performance@Chuo-Dori (Kyobashi 2Chome to Nihombashi bridge)

We continually offer a unique festival and performances from all over Japan at four stages.

Time: 11:15
- 14:15
Rugby and Common Dance Festival@ Chuo-dori (Kyobashi 3Chome)

We offer interaction service with rugby members who players on a rugby top league and team for adult. Also you can join in a dance event which is performed by SAM from TRF. Senior dance team “Samstars” and a brand‐new dance grope from avex “VO2MAX” will perform on stage.

Time: 9:30
- 16:00
12th Shokoku-ourai Market@Nishigashibashi Jizou-dori (Nihombashi 1chome)

This is a market which offers well-known foods and products all over Japan.

Organized by
Nihonbashi, Kyobashi Festival Executive Committee
Sponsored by
Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd., Takashimaya Company, Limited. , Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Tokyo Tatemono Co.,Ltd., Yaesu shopping mall Co.,Ltd., Tokyo Metropolitan Public Corporation for Road Improvement and Management, SHIMIZU CORPORATION, TODA CORPORATION.
Cooperated by
a local Neighborhood associations, Nihombashi-Meikyou, Nihombashi-Kitazume Committee, Nihombashi-Renaissance.
Supported by
Chuo-ku, The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chuo-ku Tourism Committee
Contact us
Nihonbashi・Kyobashi Executive Committee's Office
TEL.03-3561-7348 (Week day 10:00-17:00) Nihonbashi・Kyobashi Festival is one of the Chuo-ku Tourism Commercial's events.